Valve Train - Lexington Reverb - 7 Watt 1×10″ Combo Amp

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The Lexington Reverb combo boasts all tube spring reverb, point to point hand wiring and delivers a blistering 7 watts RMS through an Eminence Legend 10″ speaker.

Additional features include a high/low power switch to bring the output down to 1.5 watts and a "RAW" switch that increases gain and high frequency response.
Inspired by the simplicity of the tweed amp designs of the late 1950’s, the amp features a 12AX7 dual-triode preamp tube driving the signal through an all tube spring reverb circuit and into a 6L6GC power tube. The controls are Volume and Tone and Reverb.
The Lexington Reverb delivers a varied tonal spectrum from shimmering cleans through vintage crunch. A quick flick of the guitar volume knob controls the full range of the Lexington Reverb’s tweed inspired voicing. The reverb provides a touch of ambiance to full out surf tones with its lush full sonic spectrum. Add switchable power levels, the RAW switch and the warmth and dimension of an all tube driven spring reverb circuit and the power level and you’ve got a great low wattage amp
Great for home, studio or small venues. Put a microphone in front of it and the Lexington Reverb will fill the largest of venues.
• Power
o 7 Watts – Class A
o Switchable to 1.5 Watts
• Tubes
o 12AX7 Dual-Triode (preamp)
o 12AX7 Dual-Triode (reverb)
o 6L6GC (power)
• Rectifier
o Solid State
• Size
o 16x10x20 (LxDxH) – Combo
• Weight
o 25 lbs – Combo
• Speakers
o Eminence Legend 10″
• Speaker Jacks
o 1×4 ohm, 1×8 ohm
• Features
o Hand Wired Point to Point Eyelet Board
o Volume, Tone and Reverb Controls
o RAW Switch
o High(7W)/Low(1.5W) Power Switch
o Cathode Bias Power Amp
o Vintage Style Chicken Head knobs
o American Made High Grade Aluminum Chassis
o American Made ClassicTone Transformers
o American Made Cabinet
o Black Strap Handle
o Rubber Feet
• Condition- Like new overall, tested and working like new.....except you need to know....THIS BABY RAWKS!!!!!!! FREAKIN' UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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