Guitar Laboratory DR-3 Dual Reverb

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The Dual Reverb DR-3 is an analog-digital stompbox which adds amazing deepness and space to your guitar tone. DR-3 makes you feel like playing in the real room with many reverberations. You can switch between two sets (A and B) of the reverb time and intensity. The MAX ANALOG technology and the optical true bypass assure the best sound quality and smooth ON/OFF switching (sustaining previously played tones).

DR-3 is constructed according to mostly used by guitarists parameters. There were chosen in it the adequate ranges of reverb time and intensity.

Similarly to other G-LAB devices, the DR-3 combine the effect functions with the enlarged possibilities of control. Two types of reverbs that posses various resounding times and characteristics, giving the player much more than a single standalone pedal would.

- Two reverb types (REVERB 1 or 2) with various sound characteristics
- Two sets (A and B) of reverb time and effect intensity controls
- Effect ON/OFF footswitch
- A or B parameters selection footswitch
- Smooth ON/OFF and parameters switching (not cutting sounding of previously played tones)
- Signal overdrive indicator (PEAK)
- High level of maximal signal (8 dBu) what enables to use it at amps effect loops
- Silent switching and low noise level
- FOOT PEDAL input for controlling it by a guitar controller e.g. G LAB GSC
- Metal footswitches with backlighted descriptions (DR-3 version)
- Solid, powder coated casing

Dimensions (depth x width x height): 120 x 120 x 60 mm
Weight: 550 g
Input impedance: 1 MΩ
Maximal input signal: 8 dBu
Output impedance: 4 kΩ
Power supply: Power supply 9V DC
Power consumption: 80mA

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