Composite Acoustics - X Pre Peavey - High Gloss Carbon

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No. 0109. Includes a really nice formed to fit Canadian made black Tolex hardshell case, all original case goodies, and factory installed tuneable L.R. Baggs Imix active (9v) pre-amp/pickup system.

Would be "mint" condition, except there's a little bit of fret grooving on a few of the lower stainless steel frets....not much, very little and doesn't effect the excellent playability.
* nut width = 1 11/16th inches
* scale length = 25.5"
* 20 Stainless Steel frets
* Carbon Fiber fingerboard
* Heavy built open back tuning keys
* Mother of Pearl "Thorns" rosette inlay
* lower bout width = 15.5"
The Guitar is very light and resonant. It sounds awesome. Big, full & warm Obviously it's impervious to weather extremes, humidity, freezing, leave it in your trunk in JULY, take it to the beach, PLAY TIKI BAR GIGS in summer. Leave you expensive wooden axe home for recording & such & play this baby at your outdoors gigs. It can take it. Your setup won't change when the weather changes. No truss rod to adjust. A replacement bridge saddle is in the case, should you desire a different string height. (no smoke odor)


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