Composite Acoustics - OX Electric - Carbon Burst Gloss

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Original SKB rigid Gig Bag case included.

Composite Acoustics OX model with electronics in a "killer" Carbon Burst high gloss finish. MADE IN USA. Very Good used condition. Guitar has a Carbon Fiber composite body, neck and top. 15” at the lower bout. LR Baggs Element Stage Pro electronics. sounds great plugged in, and has plenty of volume and superb tone unplugged as well. Top quality Gotoh tuners.

Action is set low, at or under 5/64 on the low e string, 12th fret with some saddle left for adjustment if needed. Has a 1 3/4" nut width. No buzzing, or fretting out. The Stainless Steel frets do not show enough wear to measure, and there's virtuaslly no grooves. Stainless frets last. A very small amount of finish swirl marks here & there, few small smudges and swirls, that can only be seen in bright light. No cracks or deep dents. There are a few areas on the top where it appears someone smeared glue, or the like, onto the glossy surface. Please see the photos. This of course doesn't effect sound nor integrity.

When we received the Guitar the pre-amp was non-functioning, so...we acquired a brand new one and installed it. Battery and pre-amp are new and original spec.

Overall, these guitars are built to be unaffected by cold, heat, humidity, low humidity, angry girlfriends, and all the other ugly guitar wrecking elements or whatever is thrown their way (except anvils of course). They also stay in tune really well. There's no neck/body joint to ever re-set, no truss rod to adjust.....none of that stuff. Includes nice original from the factory quality SKB padded hard-soft case that does a nice job of protecting the guitar against the elements and light bumps and knocks.

The OX model is popular with working Musicians. It's not too large but has a full scale. It sounds great on stage and has reliable, brand spanking new pickup/pre-amp with built in tuner. All just tested, just re-strung w/ 12's & working fine. This is a superb professional level instrument.

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