Budda Superdrive V-40 Series II Head

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Great Sounding Tube Guitar Amplifier in right at "mint" condition.

Sonically, the V Series offers something a little different to the rest of the Budda range: a gruffer voiced, old-school rock amp that's ferociously loud, yet retains the company's renowned crispy clean tone. Budda is famous for its big, crisp cleans and mid-gain rhythm tones, and the Superdrive V-40 Series II head does not disappoint. The V-40's rhythm channel has a spongy, sensitive touch and offers bold, clean blackface Fender-type tones with plenty of bottom end straight off the bat. As you dial the drive knob towards 12 o'clock it goes quickly from country clean to a gritty blues rhythm, which responds brilliantly with single-coil-equipped guitars and has a squashy, American tonality characterized by those 6V6s - it's like you're squeezing the notes out of the amp.

Pushing the Rhythm control further take you from blues clean to AC/DC mean. There's ample gain for rock or heavy rock players who need more hair and grit around the edges, though it retains the cut and attack of a cleaner tone. The bright switch adds more top-end sizzle to the rhythm sound giving it a brittleness that's better suited to darker, humbucker-equipped guitars than single-coils. The drive channel is certainly a beast. Even with medium gain, we get an injection of thudding, gig-ready volume and relentless attack. It has that hard-hitting, ribcage rattling Marshall-esque character, though with a softer feel and harder mid-range voice.

The V-40's overdrive gets grainier, thicker and creamier as you crank it past the halfway stage on the Drive and the Master Volume controls. We get more dirt and push from the midrange, not to mention colossal volume levels - the V-40 is certainly no bedroom delight, this thing is designed to rock on the big stage, even at low-volume levels. Maxing the Drive puts you firmly in the classic rock camp - for screaming modern rock or metal, Budda's Super Drive 45 Series II might be a better option. The V-40, however, delivers anything from thunderous Zeppelin rock rhythms to Cream or Peter Green wailing solos.

If you want a reliable boutique-quality rugged built all tube amp that can handle anything from glassy country cleans to AC/DC mean, with stadium-sized volume capabilities, this Budda Super Drive V-40 Series II head is your huckleberry. No smoke odor, issues, damage, or wear. Maybe a few minor scuffs here and there but overall the condition is excellent and it was never gigged. Home studio use only. Like all our used/vintage gear it has been tested for functionality and priced to move.

Features of the Budda Super Drive V40 Series II Guitar Amplifier Head

40 all tube Watts

3x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

4x 6V6 Power Tubes

Custom-Wound Transformer with 4/8/16 Ohm Selector

Rhythm & Drive Level Controls

3-Band EQ

Pull Mid Knob for "Vintage" Mid Scoop

Effects Loop

Slave Output with Level Control in Parallel with Power Section

Point-to-Point Hand Wired Power Section

Multiple Speaker Outputs

Bright Control

Made in the USA! Made to LAST! (Made to RAWK!!!)

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