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Please check out the attached video of this exact amp.

If you're looking for a sign, look no further: here's yer sign, with the Analog Outfitters Road Amp. Tasty tone wrapped in a unique package, the Road Amp is constructed of repurposed, decommissioned road signs. 20-watts of tube-driven action and intuitive Volume, Treble, and Bass knobs give you control over your sound. Reminiscent of old-school Fender amps, the Analog Outfitters Road Amp will throw you back to those good American-voiced amps. The transformers are sourced from ancient Hammond Organs from decades gone by.

Following the release of the SARGE and Super SARGE, and ORGANic 15 line of amplifiers, Analog Outfitters focused their attention on the creation of a 6V6 based amplifier that has an “American” tone reminiscent of early Fender amplifiers.

The Analog Outfitters Road Amp is specifically designed to be tough, and its outer shell is constructed from decommissioned road signs; having proven themselves for decades on the side of America's streets, these signs are now ready to be reborn as the unique case for our new line of tone machines. Like AO's other amplifiers, the Road Amp is built from vintage Hammond organ amplifiers repurposed to create the sparkling tone that "only" vintage transformers can produce.


  • (2) 6V6 Output Tubes
  • (1) 12AX7 Preamplifier Tube
  • (1) 12AU7 Phase Inverter Tube
  • (1) 5U4GB Rectifier Tube
  • 8 Ohms Output Impedance
  • 20 Watt Class A
  • Vintage Power and Output Transformers. REALLY old, and well made in the US midwest.
  • Case made from decommissioned road signs
  • The Analog Outfitters Road Amp is an all-tube, 6V6-based amplifier inspired by early, classic Fender amps. Like the Sarge and Super Sarge, this one is also made with 'upcycled', or recycled parts - this one from decommissioned road signs, here “Children Playing”, a pretty apt name for this particular model. It's incredibly tough, perfect for the road and sounds amazing. Not only is the exterior built from road signs, but the interior is made with a repurposed, vintage Hammond organ parts so it has that amazing, sparkling tone only found with vintage transformers.

Coolness aside, what's really awesome about it is the sound. Powered by two 6V6 power tubes, one 12AX7 and 12AU7 preamp tubes, and 5U4GB rectifier, it all works in harmony and dishes out 20 Class A watts of power with 8 ohms for some serious volume. It can easily achieve some serious break-up while still producing classic clean tones. This Analog Outfitters Road Amp is an extremely cool amp with a brilliantly simple design that showcases its originality and versatility. Pair it with your favorite cab, turn her up and have tons of fun....

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