2024 Marsh Amp - Limited Edition Clifton 22 Overlord (Channel Switching) - Lacquered Tweed

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We asked Mike Marsh to build us 6 special Amps and this is the first one. More to come. Marsh's Clifton 22 is a hand wired replica of a 1965 Deluxe reverb on the Vibrato channel. Marsh's Overlord Mod adds a Classic Dumble circuit on the Normal channel, along with Reverb. This basically gives the best clean amp and the best overdrive amp- all in one gorgeous package.

The Limited package includes lacquered Tweed with a heavy duty handle, a US made 12" Eminence Patriot Series Red White & Blues speaker and of course the Dumble mod on the "Normal" channel. This particular amp is the first built with an optional channel switching and 2 footswitches!

Also included with this special package is a heavy padded cover. You can request a different speaker if you wish, and we can adjust the price accordingly, or have it without the speaker if you already have one you love.

This point-to-point wired Amp is hand wired by Mike Marsh in Florida. It replicates a ‘65 Deluxe Reverb circuit and renders those gorgeous sparkling, spanky clean tones we love- with tube driven vintage type Spring Reverb, Tremolo and a 2 button footswitch……..AND (hold on to your beer)…..this one actually has Mike’s Overlord Mod on the “Normal” channel, a channel which is typically rarely used on these 2 ch blackface tone machines. OH, you'll wanna use it now!
The Overlord Mod adds the internal vintage type spring reverb to this side….AND…. a Dumble type re-wire that gives you Master volume.... (only on the Normal ch as the “Vibrato ch is un-molested and still renders those wonderful clean tones we all love….* variable Gain * Mid boost * Pre-Amp boost * Rock-Jazz Dumble type switch * Ratio gain in mix. This side roars like a Classic Dumble and had more output than the clean ch due to the Gain circuit.
This duality gives us the 2 most desirable amps- Fender Blackface clean & Dumble-esque side for gain & Master vol., with Reverb on both channels. This amp is SO MUCH FUN and it really priced quite low for a hand wired, dual personality. We special ordered this one with an Eminence Red White & Blues 12” speaker, to handle the higher output with the Overlord channel. NOTE- we also offer this same amp in a head, so if you have some cool cabs- grab one! (Head is black Tolex)
The Eminence Red White and Blues guitar speaker is the natural upgrade for the classic American amp. A versatile guitar speaker, great for southern rock or blues. Nice tight low-end, smooth midrange and top end sparkle.

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