2023 Marsh - Clifton 22 Reverb Amp

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This beautiful hand wired, all tube Marsh 1 x 12" combo comes with a vintage type 2 button footswitch and vintage type spring reverb. Mike Marsh hand wires & tests each amp & warrantees for 2 years. We test it also before packaging for safe travel.

The perfect Rock, Country and Blues gigging amp. A mid 60’s Deluxe Reverb circuit, hand wired point-to-point by Mike Marsh here in Florida. Awesome sounding classic tone with full spring reverb. Two channels, one with Reverb and Vibrato (tremolo). Vintage Style 2-button footswitch included. This most toneful combo will NOT break your back nor your budget. Boutique quality for everyday price.

This one has our selected Eminence 1285, 75 watt 12 inch speaker, which is the best sounding & best made speaker we've had Mike install. There are other speaker options for this amp. Just let us know what you'd like.

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