2023 Larrivee - Baker T Classic - Burgundy Mist

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weight = 6 pounds 13 ounces. Includes black Tolex hardshell case with logo.

Check these impressive specs. Larrivee have created one of the finest T style Guitars ever made This price is "Introductory, so get yours NOW!

Vintage Tele Shape (Digitized from an original 1953 Blackguard)
Average total Guitar Weight 6-7lbs
Single Piece Ultra-Light Swamp Ash Body
Rock Maple Neck (Slim-C shape, Approx. Thickness: First Fret 0.825” - 12th Fret 0.875”)
Indian Rosewood Fretboard ( 1 & 11/16 nut)
Curved Forearm / Belly Cut
Polished Stainless Steel Larrivee Bridge (Made In America) Calaham style- see the photos
Compensated Large Barrel Brass Larrivee Saddles (Made in America)- beautiful stuff.
American Made Pickups (Made in house by Matthew Larrivee & Team)
- Yarn Wrapped Alnico 5 Large pole Bridge, potted to prevent feedback
- Custom Alnico 6 Neck Pickup potted w/ Nickel Silver Cover
- Pickups Connected RWRP for humbucking when played in center switch position
- Pickups wound with Vintage 43 Gauge Plain Enamel
- Cloth Pushback wire leads
Custom Stainless Steel Polished Control Plate
- Volume knob moved further from switch to allow easier switching between pickups
Stainless Steel Extra Thick Neck Plate

Top Notch Electronics
- Traditional CRL 3-Way Switch
- Custom Bournes Potentiometers
- Volume Pot: Bourns “Low-Drag” 250 Audio Taper Pot
- Tone Pot: Bourns “Low-Drag” 300k Linear Taper Pot.
- Vintage Paper-in-oil Capacitor (0.047uf)
- Puretone Jack w/ 4 contact points mounted in a Electrosocket Jack mount.
- “50’s Style” wiring
Dual action truss rod w/ Spoke nut adjust (no need to remove string tension to adjust) (adjuster tool is included. This is SO SMART!
Nickel Silver Medium Fret wire
Genuine Mother of Pearl Fret Markers
Genuine High-density Bone nut
Multi-ply beveled pickguard
CNC Cut Neck pocket (1950’s Deep Pocket) with neck angle for a perfect fit and string height
High End Gotoh SDS-510 Tuners w/ CARD System
World Class finishes
- Ultra slick “Fast” Neck w/ hand rubbed satin finish
- Hand sprayed Ultra-High Sheen Gloss Pure Acrylic Body
- Headstock Painted w/ Body matching color
Hard Shell black Tolex Rectangular Case (Made in Canada)
Strung from the Factory with D’Addario XL110 Strings

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