2023 HsienMo - Custom F41 - African Blackwood/Curly Redwood

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No. 7612. Includes deluxe hardshell case. This is a one-off "custom" 41 inch cutaway model, with stunning- pricey exotic tonewoods and superb craftsmanship throughout. It sounds fabulous, with full, rich and powerful and glorious tone. This is a "players" instrument. If made in the EU this beauty would cost 5 times more!

Many players would love to own & play a high spec, finely crafted imported instrument, made with beautiful exotic all solid tonewoods, BUT most prefer to NOT invest $5000-15000. Our stunning Hsienmo Guitars have been compared, tested, examined and played all over Europe, Asia and beyond. They are proven top performers and are an excellent value. Please check the YouTube demos & comparison videos, as well as reviews. This is the Golden Age of Lutherie and Hsienmo's founder/Luthier Li Chen is on the cutting edge, blending ancient techniques with modern precision wood cutting/shaping capability for improved fit, finish, straight & stabile necks.
IWe so appreciate Hsienmo's Floating Fingerboard, bolt-on neck and other common sense neck innovations that combine to make for a more trouble free playing experience for decades. This is NOT just another cheap Chinese Guitar. These fine Guitars play & "sound" fabulous and easily compare with Guitars costing thousands more!
Specs include:
* African Blackwood body, 5A curly Redwood top, African Ebony bridge (pinless) & fingerboard, with dot marker inlays.
* Koa binding
* Colorful shell purfling- top, back, back center stripe, rims. rosette (Blackwood and shell)
* 15.75 inch lower bout width
* Rim depth - 4" at neck joint, 4.75" at lower bout, cutaway body
* 25.5" scale length, 1.75" nut width.
* Tuning keys are gold with Ebony buttons
* Polished Camel bone nut & Split saddle. Nut width = 1.75 inches
* String spacing at the saddle = 57 mm, 2.25 inches.
* 21 polished frets with rounded ends.
* Carbon fiber neck stiffening inserts. Floating neck above neck-body joint
AND.......so much more. This is a MOST IMPRESSIVE and finely made instrument.
PICKUP- not included. We stock LR Baggs and K&K pickups and can install on request. Inquire for other pickup options.
Acoustic high quality Pickups expertly installed & tested:
R. Baggs Anthem $429
R. Baggs Lyric $329
R. Baggs Active Element $259
K&K Pure Mini Passive (very natural sound) $235 **
K&K FanTaStick Under saddle $265
R. Baggs M1 Active Soundhole $299
We can also install your pickup, other brands, or other pickups offered by Baggs and K&K. Just let us know what it is and we can quote an installed & tested price.
** K&K offer fine, affordable outboard pre-amps to compliment their passive Pure Mini pickup. We stock them. Prices are on their web site, where you can compare & select the best for you.

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