2022 Marsh - Tweed Bassman 4 x 10

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We special ordered this Marsh 4 x 10 with 3 special upgrades that we feel are important:

-A Lacquered tweed cabinet
-Hand wired Reverb
- 2 - Weber Alnico speakers and 2 Eminence Rajun Cajun Ceramic's A magical combination- and we can have this amp made with any speakers you want.

Like all Marsh Amps, the 5F6A is hand wired point-to-point by Mike Marsh himself in Florida, using the finest vintage style components. Orange Drop or Mallory 150 Series Coupling Caps, Sprague Atom electrolytics, Carbon Composition resistors, Cloth Wire, etc.

The cabinet is beautifully made just like the originals with ¾ inch finger-jointed solid Pine, lacquered Tweed with Oxblood grill cloth.

These beautiful amps are famous for a full, rich & Authentic “Vintage” tones.
A great 3D sounding combination!!!

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