2022 Lava Music - ME2 Carbon Fiber, No Effects - White

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This Honeycomb Carbon Fiber 36 inch travel style Guitar has an active pre-amp/pickup, BUT this model does NOT have the onboard effects that our popular ME2 model at $699 has. We've had requests for a non-electric version, but this is as close as we could get. This fabulous "sounding" and great playing little 6 string has just a volume control. A fine Gig Bag is included. These Guitars really sound GREAT! They travel well and are impervious to weather extremes. Neither setup nor tone will change when it rains, freezes nor in our Florida heat & humidity. Enjoy it at the beach, or during your next Himalayan climb.

Combining the strongest and most efficient mechanic structure with the acoustic simulation design.
Each honeycomb has different height and thickness based on its mechanical function.
It generates extraordinary sound even with just a slight pluck. The curved honeycomb structure
keeps providing a sonorous and clear sound.

The Plek PRO machine is the most advanced guitar fret machining system on the planet. Designed to ensure the best string action available, this state of the art process removes any potential intonation issues and allows the LAVA ME 2 to have an advanced level of playability and sound quality straight out of the box. After simultaneously scanning the surface of the fretboard whilst simulating the strings tension, it then cuts the frets with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Plek Pro's high accuracy cutting assists the LAVA ME 2 in achieving it's exceptional tone and comfortable playing position.

LAVA MUSIC re-designed the neck structure of the LAVA ME 2 and reinforced it with 2 Ultra Stiff carbon fiber rods. This FlyNeck is 300% stiffer that the previous generation as a result, giving longer lasting durability and enhancing the overall playing experience.

A very fun and sonically pleasing instrument that you can enjoy around the campfire or on a deserted Tropical Island. Please bring an empty bottle so u can write us a note telling us how much you LOVE your Lava Guitar.

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