2022 Lava Music - Blue Lava with AirFlow Gig Bag - Mint Green

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The new for 2022 3rd quarter Blue Lava models have the Hilava "Smart Guitar" touch screen, integrating the multi-touch display and HILAVA system with

new material, BLUE LAVA is designed to be eco-friendly while
offering you the potential to create something truly awesome
with its built-in apps and sharing feature. The Blu Lava models are not Carbon Fiber, for those of us that do not play Guitar while mountain climbing or scuba diving!

The amazing touch screen does SO MANY wonderful things that we need to refer you to Lava's web site for a brilliant description. Suffice it to say if Apple made a Guitar, this would be it, and Blue Lave is the lowest price yet for all this wonderfulness. Most useful things like- looper, effects, backing tracks, Bluetooth, etc., etc. are at your fingertips... This is the ultimate practice/live performance tool in all of Guitardom!!

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