2022 Lava - ME-2 Electric with Effects - 36" Orange

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Top Material Type - Super Airsonic (Carbon Fiber Composite)
Body Material - Airsonic (Carbon Fiber Composite)
Back Material Type - Carbon Fiber
Neck Material Type - HPL
Fretboard Material Type - HPL
Guitar Pickup Configuration - L2 Pickup System with FreeBoost Features
String Material Type - Phosphor Bronze

The one-piece injection molded technology makes the shape more comfortable to hold, but also significantly reduce the use of the glue, yet gives the LAVA ME an excellent acoustic performance.
Works on all weather conditions. Woods are more likely to deform in different weather conditions. The Super AirSonic carbon fiber material can adapt to temperatures between -4°F~176°F. Humidity from 10% to 90%. No matter if you are in desert or a polar area, the LAVA ME 2 always works for you.
Ultra portable. The LAVA ME 2 produces a loud, wide range frequency tone with its 36 inches body. It weights just 3.7 pounds. Even lighter than most of the laptops.
The FreeBoost Technology on the L2 pickups uses rear surface of the LAVA ME 2 as a speaker. Turn on the pickups anywhere anytime, you can freely play with reverb, delay, chorus WITHOUT an amp. Of course the effects work when using an amp also.
Comes with: 1 x Ideal Bag 2, 1 x Ideal Pick Mix, 1 x Charging Cable.

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