2021 Quilter - InterBlock 45

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The InterBlock 45 provides all the key requirements for coupling an electric
guitar or other electronic instrument to a PA or recording console,
and also contains a built-in amp with enough power for practice or small
gigs. It combines a full-service guitar preamp, overdrive section, effects
loop, cabinet simulator, headphone driver, and 45-watt power amp in
a single pedal-size enclosure. As the name suggests, it provides a complete
interface between your instrument, your pedals, your DAW, your
PA system, or a stand-alone loudspeaker, with lots of flexibility to handle
whatever you may come across in your efforts as a performing artist. In
spite of its diminutive size, this little powerhouse packs a potent punch
capable of driving a serious stageworthy rig.
The high impedance INPUT accepts normal guitar cables. The GAIN
control ranges from clean to overdrive. The three band EQ adjusts LOW,
MID, and HIGH frequencies, with two selectable EQ VOICE modes.
FULLQ starts from a flat response with EQ at 50%, and the VINTAGE
mode emulates the “Fender Style” tone stack. A full featured FX LOOP
includes a secret “audio input” feature allowing an auxiliary music source
to be “injected” into the FX RETURN, which further expands the capabilities
of the InterBlock 45. The MASTER control adjusts the overdrive
threshold from 0 to 45 watts offering clean headroom and/or rich overdrive
at will. From the MASTER CONTROL, dual signal paths lead to the
BAL LINE OUT/HEAPHONE jack, and the SPEAKER OUTPUT jack, which
drives any normal speaker, and is stable with no speaker connected.

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