2016 Budda - Baby Budda 18 Watt hand wired Head

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The Baby Budda is ahand wired, US built 18-watt lunchbox-style head that pays homage to that first Budda, packing a wealth of tones in a convenient 17-pound package.
With controls for Bass, Treble, and Volume, as well as Normal and Hi Gain inputs, the Baby Budda features high-grade audio components and a hybrid layout with both point-to-point hand-wiring and a brass-eyelet board. The Class AB power section runs off of two EL84s and a single 5U4 rectifier, while the cascading preamp section utilizes two 12AX7s and a custom-wound transformer. Housed in a metal chassis with a carrying handle, the Baby Budda includes an effects loop and a 4-/8-ohm output switch for connecting loudspeaker enclosures. An onboard slave output offers full preamp and power amp characteristics. It’s connected in parallel to the speaker outputs and sends a padded, non-powered signal for direct output for live or studio uses.
This amp is like new & SOUNDS FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!! Warning- It's L-O-U-D!!

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