2011 Santa Cruz - Vintage Artist Dreadnought

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Serial No. 6321. Includes the expensive, sturdy & gorgeous Ameritage hardshell case with the Santa Cruz badge. In the case are 2 case keys and the owner's instruction card from SC. ALSO- the Guitar came to us with some mild fret grooves, so we PLEK'd her and polished the frets. The previous owner had the instrument setup with very comfy medium low action. It plays GREAT and "sounds" amazing!!

This will be your favorite!!

Condition- Looks mint, except on close inspection there are:

* some minor dings through the finish on the peghead where it would hang on a stand or wall hook.

* There's a couple of minor surface scuff lines on the back. Very slight & hard to see.

The nut measures 1 3/4" however the fingerboard in front of the nut measures 1 11/16th".

1st Fret: .825”

9th Fret: .965”

Nut Width: 1 3/4”

Doc Watson, who owned the prototype of the Vintage Artist, said, “This is the Dreadnaught I’ve been looking for all my life.” In 1991, Richard Hoover collaborated with vintage experts to identify the most desirable qualities of the iconic Pre-War D-18. Maestro Watson’s contributions to the concept were born of an appreciation of the clarity of Mahogany’s tone and his requirements for playability. At the time, Doc had put as many hours into Rockabilly on a Les Paul as he had on the Dreadnaught. His lack of preoccupation with a particular vintage model played perfectly with SCGC’s philosophy to ‘combine, not copy.’ After Doc’s test pilot duties on the prototype, he offered this thoughtful testimonial: “Son, what do I have to do to keep this guitar?”

SCGC presents this instrument as the tonal equal and technical superior to the most respected Pre-War guitars. To achieve the characteristic EQ and tone of the legendary Doc Watson, aka ‘the Vintage Artist,’ this instrument features an advanced, scalloped X-bracing for powerful bass, complemented by the clear tone and definition of master grade Mahogany.

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