2007 Deering Vega - Bluegrass Wonder

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WEIGHT: "ONLY" 6 pounds 15 ounces!!!!! YES, that's correct, according to our hands and our digital scale. Typically professional grade Banjo's max out our scale!

Includes original Deering deluxe hardshell case with 2 case keys & head tension wrench (drum head key). Has fresh strings & setup. Plays great!
The body is in great shape, and the neck is easily playable all the way up the fretboard. Just searched the Deering- Vega web site & seems they don't offer this model, nor any 5 string Banjo's with a resonator. They're all now open back, and expensive.....and over a year back ordered! This surprisingly LIGHTWEIGHT Banjo is a professional grade US crafted instrument that's in great condition, and you can enjoy it NOW.

• Maple neck, unbound Ebony fingerboard and head plate
• 22 frets
• Body: Maple resonator
• Finish: Satin finish with Vega stain.
• Hardware Five Star 15:1 planetary tuners, frosted head, nickel plated hardware
• Deering deluxe hard-shell case with keys & head tension key.

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