1950 Fender - Deluxe Wide Panel Tweed Amp

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Serial No. 1071. We believe it's a '50 or '51. The serial number is quite low. It works great, with tone of all tube breakup when pushed a tad. The tones are wonderful.

Condition- mostly original, except: ** power cord updated to 3 prong The original 2 prong cord is included. ** New Jensen 12" speaker ** Handle appears to have been changed at some point, as it's sturdy & functions well. ** Of course some of the internals have likely been changed out as needed. The input jacks are newer and the original one's are included. Someone drilled 2 holes in the lower rear panel (???).

We just had our Amp Guru Mike Marsh go through it, install the new speaker & check it over. It's just been briefly tested since this service and it works great. A truly fine vintage, early Fender amp for your studio/collection.

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