Lashbrook - Naturacoustic Rosewood Tune-O-Matic Style - Piezo Bridge

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Wanna convert your electric Guitar to add natural sounding "acoustic Guitar" tones in addition to it's electric sound? This beautiful bridge is new in the box, never installed, never used.

This is the best piezo bridge on the market, developed by Yngwei Malmsteen's guitar tech Larry Lashbrook.

• Tune-O-Matic type all Rosewood Bridge and saddles are made of select tone woods

• Unique, patent pending method of resonance transfer creates rich, balanced and articulate acoustic tones

• Custom piezo elements are specially designed and made by industry leading experts in the field of piezo ceramics

• Bridge produces an output signal that is equal or greater than many magnetic pickups

• Passive circuitry - No need for a battery or preamp

• Delivers true acoustic tones at high volume with no feedback

• Tuneable saddles allow perfect intonation

• Patent pending structural design gives this light weight wooden bridge strength and durability

• Installs easily on any guitar with a Tune-O-Matic style bridge

• Can be installed without drilling any holes in your guitar

• Can be used with an archtop style bridge base

• No extra equipment to buy

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