2022 Marsh - Tweed 10" Weber 5F1 Champ - 5 Watt Amp

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We asked the talented Mr. Mike Marsh to hand build some Tweed (Champ type) combo's with a Weber 10" Signature Series speaker instead of the standard 8" speaker. Mike hand wires each chassis himself & tests the amps. This little bugger goes to TWELVE too and the Pine cab is lacquered. Perfect for your home or Studio Jams, and the tones are simply "vintage" sublime.

The Marsh Amps Tweed 5F1 is a wonderful hand wired point to point replica of the 5F1 circuit matched here, for Wolfe Guitars, to an optional 10 inch Weber Signature Series Premium Speaker in a beautiful Mojo Solid Pine Finger jointed Cabinet. All Marsh Amp replicas are made with high quality vintage style components including Sprague Atom electrolytics, Orange Drop coupling caps, Carbon Composition resisters, cloth wire, Carling Switches, Switchcraft jacks and Mercury Magnetics Output Transformer.

Be a Champ, not a "chump" and grab one of these custom beauties for your collection NOW!! (Only 4 will be made)

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