2021 Zagar - Travel Solid Mahogany w/ Hardshell Case - Gloss Natural

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No. 1582, included Zager logo hardshell case with leather Strat, extra set of strings & all original papers, case key, truss rod wrench and a stick-on pickguard. The guitar is in mint condition with no issues. Smoke free. The case has a humidistat. This is the non-electric 36" all solid version.

From the Zager site:
Our 3/4 Size travel guitars have the same features as our full size guitars except they’re 25% smaller. They’re ideal for children and small adults. They’re great for travel and can be stored in very small places. They also make a great second guitar for the home or office. What separates our small guitars from other small guitars is that Denny builds them just like his big guitars with high quality woods and pro hardware. This means your guitar will sound sweeter and more powerful year after year because quality woods only get better with age.

60 years of playing, performing and teaching has given Denny an advantage over the majority of guitar builders today. Denny understands the demands of the professional player because he is one. He discovered there are certain key elements that make a great guitar, and with that knowledge he created our 3/4 Travel Series. Elements like solid wood construction, high quality hardware, a custom neck design that feels good in your hand, string spacing that allows you to move faster on the fretboard, that simultaneously prevents buzzes and rattles, combined with a special bracing system that produces one of the best sounds in the guitar industry today. Magazine reviews and customer testimonials say the Zager 3/4 Travel outperforms guitars from the top 2 guitar makers at twice its price. Where else are you going to find a custom handmade guitar worked on by a Master luthier for under $700? Lifetime warranty.

• 3/4 Travel size easier for small players and children.
• Solid wood construction sounds better every year as it ages.
• Hand carved bracing for greater movement of the soundboard providing a richer sound.
• Slim neck design feels natural in your hand making it easier to form chords.
• Custom string spacing for greater speed and accuracy (and less rattles).
• Zager soft touch fret design for less string bite and finger fatigue.
• Adjustable truss rod to raise or lower action depending on your playing style.
• Special ultra thin high gloss finish allows more movement of the body for deeper sound
• Hand carved bone nut and saddle. (Found on predominantly $1500+ guitars).
• Hand laid abalone inlay rosette with pearl fret markers.

o Genuine Grover tuning machines (best in the world).
o Lifetime warranty
o Travel Size Dimensions
Height: 35.5 inches
Box length: 17.5 inches
Waist: 8.25 inches
Widest bout: 13 inches
Depth: 3.5 inches
Scale: 23.5 inches

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