2021 Rittenhouse - S Model - Pink Burst

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Weight = 7 pounds 10 ounces, Case is not included. We stock a selection of hard & soft cases at discounted prices. No smoke odor, in excellent to mint overall condition. No play wear. Setup with new 10's and playing fine as well aged wine.

This Rittenhouse was a custom one-off build from Master Builder Abe Rittenhouse. The finish is real Nitrocellulose Lacquer, including the sealer coat. The pickups are quite special Klein Jazzy Cat set. From the Klein site:

"Jazzy Cat Stratocaster Pickup Set - "We use these in our Black One Strat" Same Outputs, Same Inductance, Same Stagger. Scooped Midrange Tone. The closest that one can get to Euphoria in tone. We have spent countless hours researching, to obtain all the information necessary to build a set of pickups that render this Tone. We went through several dozen test sets in the development, fine tuning each to get as close as possible. We also had to order special magnets to stock for this set. The neck has a very unique stagger while the middle & bridge have the same stagger, but it is different from traditional vintage stagger. These pickups are lower in output (not low output) providing that scooped midrange tone, very clean, while still full in the low end, provides that extreme crystal clean quack which is a signature characteristic to this set. The set has Hand Beveled Magnets, wax potted, & RWRP.

Extensive testing was done on a Two Rock amp we have here at the shop and with just a touch of reverb from the amp it achieves tonal euphoria.

These pickups also put your guitar in the tonal range so you can get some killer Hendrix and SRV tones. This set also is great for playing some smokehouse blues, so don't think you will be limited in your tone for playing this set.

No one else in the market today has pickups that achieve this tone. We are proud to say that we are the First."

Be the FIRST on your block to achieve tonal Euphoria. Score this beauty, plug it in and...................CRANK IT UP!!

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