2003 Heritage - Super Eagle Non-Cutaway Custom - Old Style Sunburst

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No. T19901, Original Deluxe hardshell case included.
Weighs 6lbs 5oz

This unique Guitar is one of only 4 made for Wolfe Guitars. The 4 were all different colors & specs. This one was made for Jay Wolfe & has been played little. There's no fret wear & it was just Plek'd by Jay. The idea for these came from Jay & a friend wanting a tap tuned "acoustic" 1939 Super 400 type instrument. Before placing the order Jay discussed the tap tuning with the late expert tuner Aaron Cowles, whose shop was close to Kalamazoo, and informed him that Heritage had OK'd his tuning them to be loud acoustically. Aaron was a superb tuner and this special Guitar is a testament to his skill. This tuning by a 3rd party added to the build time & cost, but the results are worth it. Here are the impressive specs, many of which are custom- upcharge features

* Extensively Tap Tuned top & back by a Master builder Aaron Cowles * End pin jack installed when built, incase a pickup is ever installed * 3 3/8 inch rim depth. Heritage typically do a 3 inch rim. * 18" lower bout width, like Heritage's Super Eagle. * Hand signed label, signed by the owner/builders. Label by request is also annotated "Tap Tuned" * Deluxe Heritage case with: hang tag- key- PLEK certificate - original order typed letter to Heritage detailing specs, dated 9-10-2002 - orig. packing slip/ warranty card. * Sperzel US made tuning keys, satin gold finish- no finger prints. * Full contact, thick base Ebony bridge with bird inlays * Bone nut instead of their standard Corian * 25.5 inch scale, 20 medium jumbo frets, Ebony fingerboard with traditional split block inlays, deluxe binding & Cupid's Bow at the top end. 1-11/16th nut width * fancy 5 piece curly Maple neck, Medium size & shape * Peghead is bound and has inlaid logo & Eagle on branch * Real Nitrocellulose finish. Slightly thinner than standard on request * Hand bound polished Ebony pickguard, custom shape * Gold plated "H" pattern trapeze tailpiece * Bound f holes

Condition is as new except there's an area on the back's upper bout where they apparently had some air or water vapor in their spray gun for the top clear nitro finish. Can't feel it, but it looks like a mild surface "rash" of some kind. We attempted to highlight this area in the pics. It was like this when it arrived from Heritage & was so minor that Jay chose to not return it for touchup. Jay's not bothered by the small stuff. It's only been played at home by Jay a few times while sitting on his couch & Pretending to be Ranger Doug, or Roy Rodgers, or Freddy Green...... Jay has a vivid imagination & likes to play cowboy tunes when there's no one home to complain. She's strung with 13 ga. acoustic strings. This is a magnificent "custom" Instrument that will not be duplicated, with the passing of Aaron Cowles and the retirement of the Heritage Master Builders.

Note: Jay also had "2" 16 inch tap tuned Loar L5 style non-cut guitars made during this period and wants to sell his, either the 18" or the 16"... or perhaps both if you tempt him, and wish to have a set. So if you prefer a smaller version of this big boy- we have it and will be posting it for sale next. The specs are similar as was the Cowles tuning.

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